The Group

DGB Asia Berhad is a group of companies principally involved in providing innovative and comprehensive AIDC solutions, software and engineering services to various industries.

Our integrated AIDC solution suite is able to complement, extend the useful life and enhance the value of ERP systems and accounting softwares, as well as to provide seamless technical interface to AIDC technologies.

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Our Solutions

Using barcodes or RFID, TrekNet is a tracking software, designed for enterprises, to track and manage items, animals or people systematically and on a real time basis.

Our years of accumulated experience is demonstrated in our portfolio of products and services, which range from standard off-the-shelf packages, to customized software solutions and even engineering design services.

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Our Products

Our products and services are currently provided to customers in the hospitality and consumer services as well as other business verticals in the supply chain industry.

We offer a wide range of data capture technologies, from basic 1D and 2D bar codes and smart card technology to state of the art, wireless sensor networks such as RFID (radio frequency identification) technology.

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