The Group

DGB Asia Berhad is a group of companies principally involved in providing innovative and comprehensive AIDC solutions, software and engineering services to various industries. AIDC refers to methods of identifying objects, collecting data about them, and entering that data directly into computer systems using a microprocessor controlled device. Our integrated AIDC solution suite is able to complement, extend the useful life and enhance the value of ERP systems and accounting softwares, as well as to provide seamless technical interface to AIDC technologies. Our products and services are currently provided to customers in the hospitality and consumer services as well as other business verticals in the supply chain industry.

The history of the business of our Group can be traced back to 1993 when our founder, Mr. Seah Liang Chiang founded the integrated AIDC solutions business under Digital in Singapore. Digital was set-up to distribute AIDC products. Mr. Seah has been in the AIDC industry for over 19 years and in the IT industry for over 21 years. He noted that business processes of various industries in the ASEAN region were heavily dependent upon manual data collection system which cannot produce critical data on time and which are laborious and as such prone to errors. With his business knowledge in this industry, he envisioned the promising prospects for the AIDC solutions business in the region to increase the efficiency of organisations.

The current operation in Singapore functions as our Group’s operational hub to secure projects that involve regional roll-outs in the ASEAN region. In addition, the targeted markets for our expansion will depend on and coincide with the movement of our customers which would allow us to penetrate into new markets with secure customers in hand and thus minimise the risks of uncertainty.

Our Group aims to be the leading integrated AIDC solutions provider in the ASEAN region, establishing ourselves in the local market initially, using Malaysia and Singapore as the platform for future growth and expansion in the region, and other foreign markets.